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Elizabeth Haven Community Projects - A 501(c)3 non-profit organization
"Providing a nurturing youth sanctuary for the development of purposeful living."
Elizabeth Haven Community Projects is a legally structured 501(c)3 organization, established in 2007.  Elizabeth Haven was founded by Victoria Ochiche in memory of her mother, Jane Elizabeth Wynn.
Elizabeth Haven Community Projects was birthed in memory of Jane Elizabeth Wynn, a single mother of 10 children. 
The night was late and the young wife with three children took a beating from her husband. Though she survived the night, she awakened the next morning with 2 black eyes and a determination to make a life-changing decision.  After waiting until her husband left for work, she packed up her babies and left without ever looking back.
Still wanting to love and be loved, she went on to marry again.  Until one day her life took another unexpected blow when as a mother of now 6 children, her husband left the house to go to the store, and he never returned. 
She never married again, but still making an attempt to love and be loved, she went on to have 4 more children with various men who were in and out of her life.  As with any single mother, taking care of children alone was a challenge for her.  With all of the fathers absent, she relied on welfare to help until most of her children were grown.  With no skills, when she entered the workforce the only thing she was able to secure was in the janitorial field.
When the last child was an adult, she received some training and was offered a job in a clerical position.  Even though she was at the age when most people are preparing to retire, but she was so proud of herself!  Not only did she love her job and the people she worked with, she loved the feeling of accomplishment.  As a single mother, she raised her children, and now she was able to work on a job she loved.  Soon the life of pain, joy and challenges took a toll on her health and her clerical career came to an end.  Who is this woman?  This woman is everywhere. She lives in your city; she is in your community; she may even be part of your family.  She is the young woman who needs a little help, a little support, a little encouragement.  Jane Elizabeth Wynn is her name.
Why is her life so significant? 
Can you imagine what she could have accomplished in her life if someone had approached her at any point in her life’s journey and said, “You are a smart and beautiful woman, capable of doing great things with your life. Let me help you.”
Elizabeth Haven Community Projects is established as a community organization for the development of young women.  Our goal is to build self-esteem and provide a safe haven for young women facing homelessness, pregnancy, or motherhood and guiding them in the direction of productive and independent living.  There isn’t a young woman who can’t accomplish great things with the proper support system.  But there are many young women who just need a little help, a little support, a little encouragement.
Elizabeth Haven Community Projects is focused on providing high-quality services to at-risk youth.  We will do all we can to exceed their expectations in an effort to convince them of their value. 
We begin with preventative programs, i.e., camps, the arts, sports, education and mental health.  The United States still has the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates in the industrialized world with Texas at 9.73% of those pregnancies.*  Our objective is to offer positive alternative interests to young teen girls at risk of becoming pregnant or high school dropouts, in an effort to facilitate their focus on being physically active, college ready and in pursuit of education as well as exposing them to new and exciting adventures, expanding their scope of the world and all it has to offer them. 
Our next phase is "Elizabeth Haven," an upscale facility to provide a safe haven for pregnant and homeless teen girls to provide them with services and training that will empower them to be productive and independent citizens with a heart to give back to the community.  The world has something to offer them as well and we do not want them to miss out on it.
 *The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies
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